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Contracting Officers Representative (COR)-Contracting Officers Technical Representative (COTR)-Quality Assurance Evaluator (QAE)-Contractor Monitoring & Evaluation Workshop

How To Correctly Monitor & Evaluate A Contractor's Performance

A 2 Day Workshop For Government Personnel

Once a contract has been awarded, it is up to you to see to it that the contractor's performance meets government requirements. This workshop will show you, step-by-step, how to evaluate and document your contractor's performance to ensure they are delivering what the government needs, and what to do if they are getting off-track.

This workshop will show you what to look for, key indicators of the contractor's performance, how to anticipate problems, and how to correct them before they get out of hand.

Most problems between the government and a contractor occur not because the contractor is trying to deceive the government, but because they honestly interpreted the work statement differently than the government intended. We will show you where those situations can occur in your contract, how to monitor them, and how to make certain they don't happen to you.

As part of this workshop, you will receive a COR-COTR-QAE-Contract Monitoring & Evaluating Toolkit on CD, filled with step-by-step instructions, numerous checklists explaining how to accomplish evaluation and monitoring tasks, forms, templates, examples, tip sheets, a 200+ page COR-COTR-QAE-Contracting Dictionary, and many other resources that you will use in evaluating your contractor's performance.

Topics Included:

·        Introduction

·        Terms And Definitions That Apply To Monitoring And Evaluating Contracts

·        The Regulations

·        Contracting Officer's Representative Roles And Responsibilities

o       COR, COTR & QAE Authority

o       COR, COTR & QAE do's and don'ts

·        Ethics For Government Personnel Evaluating a Contractor's Performance

·        Partnering

o       What is it?

o       How do you do it?

o       How will partnering help your organization?

·        What Are The Things I Need To Know About Our Contract?

o       The elements of your contract

o       How will the contractor read our contract?

·        What Are Performance-Based Requirements And How Does Performance-Based Contracting Change The Way We Monitor And Evaluate Our Contractor's Performance

·        The Performance-Based Statement Of Work/Performance Requirements Summary-and Its Application To The COR

o       How to read it

o       How to use it

·        The Quality Assurance Surveillance Plan And Its Application To The COR And QAE

·        How To Write A QASP

·        How To Use The QASP To Evaluate A Contractor's Performance

o       What can you do, what can't you do

·        Types Of Surveillance

o       How to select the best type

·        Contract Administration

·        Monitoring Contractor Performance

o       Conducting inspections

o       Acceptable performance levels

o       Identifying deficiencies

·        Documenting Results

·        Contract Modifications

o       Preparation of purchase requests & accompanying documentation

·        Avoiding Problems

·        Unauthorized Commitments

·        Ratifications

·        How To Detect Contractor Fraud

o       Regulations that address contractor fraud

·        Remedies Available To You

·        Steps To Implement Remedies

·        Invoices

o       Invoice review

o       Accept table and improper invoices

o       Rejecting an invoice

o       Types of payments

·        Post Award Actions

o       Stop work orders

o       Excusable and non-excusable delays

o       Acceleration orders

·        Claims

·        Disputes And Appeals

·        Resolutions

·        Termination

·        Recording Past Performance

o       Contractor’s Performance Assessment Reporting System (CPARS)

o       Past Performance Information Reporting System (PPIRS)



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