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Discovering and Applying the 4 Primary Personality Temperaments in the Government Workplace

Up To A 1 Day Workshop For Government Personnel

(This offering can be provided as a stand-alone workshop or as a complementing addition to other offerings)

This highly interactive workshop is designed to give participants applicable skills in understanding and dealing effectively with the unique personalities represented in today’s government workforce. It specifically addresses skills in personality theory assessment and application that participants can develop in class and use immediately to improve their professional and personal environments.   These skills are taught, developed and facilitated using a four primary color system; Gold, Green, Orange, and Blue.

TMS’ unique approach to teaching the application of these skills is what sets us apart when delivering this training!

In this workshop participants will increase their understanding of what motivates others and what their goals are, they will gain skills to communicate more effectively, be able to more easily appreciate and tolerate the differences in others, and generally improve personal relationships.  This understanding will dramatically change the way participants see themselves and others from now on. It will give participants powerful insight into why people think, feel and act the way they do. In fact, it is so powerful that it can enhance and improve just about every aspect of life. Whatever situation participants may be in, TMS’ approach and tools to helping them understand personality theory will help them to be more successful.

Workshop content will be delivered through lecturettes, small-group discussions, case studies, simulations and other interactive activities. This will give participants an opportunity to apply the skills they need to deal effectively with individuals with various personality spectrums.

Who Should Attend
Government Employees who wish to help their organization become more effective or better understand their co-workers and boss.  Leaders who want to learn the skills and techniques necessary to improve productivity, harmony and teamwork in a diverse workplace. Individuals who want to work with colleagues, employees, and supervisors more effectively and wish to communicate better and achieve greater collaboration on projects and decisions.


Workshop Objectives

  • Identify and deal effectively with the unique personalities of a diverse workforce
  • Maximize the chances that your workplace will be productive, efficient and harmonious
  • Enable participants to communicate, motivate, and better delegate
  • Enable leaders to cultivate the natural strengths of the workforce

Topics Include

  • Understand the Four Temperament Styles: Blue, Gold, Green, and Orange
    • Introduction to the major characteristics of the four temperaments
    • Correctly identify the values and strengths of each temperament
    • Identify Your TRUE temperament!
    • Contrast the primary and secondary differences between each temperament
    • Identify personality preferences with the Spectrum Survey™
    • Visually examine the shape of your personality spectrum by plotting your spectrum scores on the Spectrum Analysis graph!
    • Learn how each temperament is related to the functions of different parts of the brain


  • Acquire the ability to identify the colors of those around you
    • Review a list of well-known world leaders and celebrities according to their COLOR!
    • Identify the primary color of a number of famous film and television characters
    • Identify the temperaments of those around you at Work, Home, and in Friendships
    • Learn how all temperaments possess natural strengths that can lead to success
    • Discover the distribution of personality styles in seven specific populations including: the general public, military fighter pilots, school teachers, chemists, poets, business leaders, and criminal offenders
    • Discover how your primary color is similar to the other three colors 
    • Discuss some of the barriers to acknowledging differences and valuing those differences


  • Leading the 4 Temperaments
    • Building a colors-coordinated team
    • Eliminate office contention and anxiety
    • Develop the skills to deal with conflict more effectively in the workplace
    • Eliminate undesirable attitudes and behaviors in employees
    • Matching the right job to the right worker
    • Identify tools and strategies they can use to build a powerful and inclusive work environment
    • Motivating workers to do their job even if they hate it


  • Learn The Ten Commandments of Colors
    • Learn the Ten Commandments of Colors so that your relationships won't be harmed with your new understanding of personality types
    • Identify the traits of a temperament intelligent individual and take steps to become one

Items You Will Take From This Workshop

As part of the workshop, you will receive a free handbook containing all the handouts for the workshop and a Temperaments Discovery Toolkit on CD. This toolkit will serve as a powerful reference guide for you to consult for years to come. Some of the materials covered in the toolkit include:

  • A list of temperament-related communication tactics
  • An easy to use and comprehensive guide to help you understand and relate well to different Colors
  • A list of core values, issues of importance, motivations, barriers to career success and steps to overcome them, and strategies for building strengths for each temperament type
  • A contrast value reference table for each pair of Colors
Numerous skill builders, checklists, and self-assessment tools

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