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A Guide To Being On A Government

Source Selection Evaluation Board (SSEB)

A 2 Day Workshop for Government Personnel Who Desire To Perform At Superior Levels When Performing Source Selection Duties

Designed solely with the government professional in mind, this workshop will provide you with detailed guidance on how to be an effective SSEB member. You will learn the roles and responsibilities of an SSEB team member, how to evaluate a proposal, how to spot problems in a proposal, red flags that indicate a contractor will not perform well, legal issues, source selection activities and procedures, and you will be given step-by-step instructions on how to fully document your findings.

This workshop allows participants to gain invaluable Hands-on experience by evaluating actual proposals in class!

This unique SSEB workshop will be highly tailored for your organization and provides hands-on proposal evaluation exercises – with actual proposals!  The exercises are designed to give participants the maximum value out of their training experience by allowing them to practice the techniques and skills learned in class in a safe and fun learning environment.  The exercises are carefully facilitated by the workshop’s Master Instructor to ensure participants understand the subtle differences that determine if a proposal has actually met the evaluation criteria or not – and how to appropriately document those findings! 

Along with giving you the tools for making your mission a success, you will receive an SSEB Handbook and a Source Selection Toolkit on CD that contains a detailed Source Selection Dictionary; a Source Selection Evaluation Board Checklist; tip sheets; forms; Risk Management Guide; reference documents (regulations, policies, legislation, guidance, etc.); and example worksheets with government approved text.

Topics Included:

  • Source Selection Overview

o       Purpose

o       What does the Source Selection Evaluation Board (SSEB) do?

o       Types of Source Selections


  • Preparation

o       SSEB organizational structure

o       The Source Selection Evaluation room

      • Who has access?

o       Resources

o       Schedules and milestones


  • Roles And Responsibilities

o       Membership

o       Advisors

o       Teams within the SSEB

      • Technical evaluation board
      • Management evaluation team
      • Past performance team
      • Cost team
      • Other


  • Legal Issues of Being On A Source Selection Board

o       Handling source selection sensitive information

o       Conflicts of interest

o       Impartiality

o       Can you work for a contractor? Your rights and limitations

o       Non-disclosure

o       Do's and don'ts


  • The Regulations

o       FAR

o       FAR supplements

o       Policies and guidance


  • Source Selection Activities And Procedures

o       SSEB checklist

o       Pre-solicitation planning

o       Evaluation activity schedule

o       Award activities

o       Source Selection decision

o       Documentation

o       Post-award debriefs


  • How To Evaluate A Proposal
    • Evaluate Proposals in class!
    • What to look for
    • How to spot problems before you select a winner
    • What to do when you spot a problem
    • How to use the PWS/SOW
    • Did the contractor comply with the RFP Proposal Preparation Instructions?
    • Did they meet minimum mission requirements?
    • Evaluating the contractor's QC Plan
    • Comparing the proposal with the Transition (Phase-In) Plan
      • Did they meet all of the requirements?

o       Risk Management Guide

o       Confidence rating

o       What is "best value" or "trade-off"?

o       Competitive Range Determination

o       How to request clarifications and handle discrepancies

o       Oral presentations

o       PWS/SOW revisions

o       Proposal revisions


  • Evaluation Criteria

o       Weighting factors…how to use them

o       Sub-factors


  • Documenting Your Findings

o       Documentation requirements

o       Tips and Techniques to make you documentation easier and better!

o       "Evaluation Charts"

      • What are they?
      • How to build them
      • How to present them

o       The Source Selection Plan

o       Draft RFP

o       Formal RFP

o       Revisions to the RFP

o       Rating worksheets

o       Initial evaluation

o       Final evaluation

o       Documenting mission capability

o       Documenting past performance

o       Documenting risk

o       Documenting cost or price

o       Exchanges with offerors

o       Evaluation Notices (EN's) / Clarification Notices (CN’s)

o       Clearance documentation

o       Price Competition Memorandum (PCM)

o       Decision briefing documentation

o       Source Selection Decision Document (SSDD)

o       Proposal Evaluation Report (PER)

o       Proposal Analysis Report (PAR)

o       Debriefing documentation




  • Source Selection Evaluation Board Worksheets

o       Rating worksheets

o       Evaluation Notices (EN's)

o       Source Selection Analysis worksheet

o       Source Selection Sub-Factors summary

o       Templates


  • The Decision Briefing

o       Preparing the briefing

o       Delivering the briefing


  • Post-Award Debriefs


Items you will take from this workshop and use well after your training is complete:

  • Source Selection Toolkit on CD
  • Source Selection Handbook – With Reference Notes!
  • Source Selection Board Checklist
  • A Risk Management Guide
  • Example Worksheets With Government Approved Text
  • Administration Tips
  • Schedules And Milestones
  • Policies And Guidance
  • Tip Sheets
  • Forms
  • Reference Documents
  • Source Selection Dictionary 


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