Creating a Culture of Performance and Accountability In a Government Work Environment

A 2 day, Hands-On Workshop For Government Managers and Supervisors Grow into a decisive leader using the practical skills that will transform your current methods of management, employee engagement, and productivity and performance oversight. Unlike traditional management methods, this workshop provides government supervisors and managers the advanced skills needed to truly succeed in effectively managing and developing employees in a government work environment. Through class interaction and group exercises, participants will learn the importance of creating a culture that demands excellence and productivity. You will learn powerful processes and techniques used to develop, mentor and coach government employees to unleash the human potential of each individual and the organization as a whole. Participants will learn proven strategies to increase influence, conquer performance issues, and increase accountability. Attendees learn how to develop operating mechanisms and processes through hands-on exercises so they gain the skills needed to create and sustain a culture of performance while in class. This workshop addresses real world situations and approaches concepts from a perspective that makes implementation practical even with the most challenging personality/performance landscape.

Topics Covered in this workshop include—

  • Creating an Environment for Success
    • What Motivates Employees and Why?
    • What Makes Teams and Individuals Successful?
    • What Separates Acceptable Performers from Stellar Ones?
    • What Is the Difference Between Work and Productivity?
  • Recognizing, Dealing with and Maximizing Strengths of Personality Types of your

    • Keys to Understanding Why People Do What They Do.
    • Putting The Right People in The Right Place
  • Assessing Progress-Performance Objectives
    • Performance Objectives Planning
      • Performance Planning Model
      • Setting Performance Standards and Goals
  • Performance Management and Reporting Tools and Techniques
    • Controls
    • How to Report the Improvements
  • Mentorship, Coaching, And Accountability
    • Why Mentor Programs Fail and How to Get it Right!
      • Developing A Mentor Program
      • Developing A Personal Development Plan
    • Coaching Tools and Techniques
      • Establishing Controls
      • Employee Engagement
      • Follow Through
      • How to Report and Record Employee Performance
    • Conquering Performance Problems
      • Documenting Performance and Non-Compliance
      • Developing A Personal Development Plan
      • Recognizing The Difference Between the Need for Rehab and Removal
  • Communication, Image & Influence
          • Effectively Communicating Performance Objectives
          • Oral and Written Communications Skills
          • Active Listening and How to Develop It
          • How to Communicate Specific, Measurable Performance ShortfallsHow to Perfect Management Communication Skills in A Way That Gets Results
      • If You Want to Be an Effective Manager and Leader, Know and Learn How to Act Like One
        • How to Develop Presence
        • Learn The Techniques to Sell Ideas, Plans, Decisions and Problem
        • Resolutions
        • Learn The Art of Influence and Diplomacy in Gaining Your
        • Objectives
        • Be Decisive