A 2-Day Hands-On TMS Experience

Delivered in Live or Live Virtual Classrooms!

In this workshop participants learn how to conduct powerful data analysis using basic tools and easy-to-implement analysis techniques. Increase your chances of organizational success with focused data and evidence-driven-decisions using a proven five (5) step process taught in this course.

Leaders and managers who aren’t analysts still should have sufficient analytical competency to evaluate proposed projects and ideas using an evidence-based approach. This workshop teaches participants multiple effective techniques to analyze data. Establishing an analytical approach to decision making and resource allocation allows capable managers to use evidence to assess and choose projects and proposed ideas that generate the greatest outcomes and best odds of success. This workshop firmly focuses on the practical, specific how-to techniques of conducting effective and impactful data analysis.

Additionally, this workshop teaches participants how to develop a data analysis framework that ensures they are asking the right questions, looking at the right data, and identifying the factors that drive organization success.

Learning Objectives & Topics Covered in this Workshop:

  • Three key questions to ask to build your analytics agenda
  • Data driven leadership
  • Understand effective data display techniques
  • Apply effective planning and preparation techniques and tools
  • Understand how to use your data and analysis to tell a compelling story
  • Understand the right questions to ask
  • How to build an analytical plan
  • 5 Step Data Driven Decision-Making Process
  • Understand Analytical Techniques
    • Aggregate Analysis
    • Correlation Analysis
    • Trends Analysis
    • Predictive Analysis
    • Segmentation
    • Life Cycle Analysis
  • Apply preparation, organizing and analytical techniques
  • Apply a variety of analytical methods in class


Toolkits: Receive a Student Handbook and Online Toolkit , containing tools such as checklists, tips, techniques, and numerous other tools to help you use your new skills immediately.

Additional Information:
CPE Credits: 15.0
CEU Credits: 1.3
Suggested Program Prerequisites: None
Advanced Preparation Preparation: None
NASBA Program Level: Basic
NASBA Field of Study: Personal Development
Delivery Method: Group Live – Live Virtual Classroom

Audience: This workshop is designed for all government personnel.