Disagree Agreeably: Dealing With Difficult People

A 2 Day Workshop

One of the key elements of performance based management in government is the ability to get results through other people. This practical, skills-oriented program provides insights into human behavior at work, improves communication skills so people respond positively, and enhances the motivational tools associated with top performance. Participative leadership concepts are integrated into current issues such as working with the problem employee, gaining buy-in for change, conflict resolution skills, and holding effective meetings. Communication models emphasizing personal understanding and consensus agreements are used along with exercises and simulations for integrative learning.

Topics covered in this workshop—

  • Personality styles and their impact on people
  • Avoiding communication games—a language audit
  • Communication breakdowns—causes and solutions
  • Why good people act irrationally—getting back on track
  • Personal engagement—effective techniques
  • Turning unpleasant conversations into constructive interaction
  • Environmental factors that create behavior problems
  • Developing solutions that work for both sides