Designing High Performance Organizations for Government Personnel

Helping Your Organization Succeed During Changing Times

2 and 3 Day Workshops

Change is the name of the game in the 21st Century. Rather than reacting to change, successful organizations are designing work processes that allow rapid deployment of resources to anticipate change. This experientially based workshop integrates key elements such as strategic visioning, breakthrough thinking, systems analysis, and organizational learning concepts with tips for personal success in an evolving work environment. Using a step-by- step approach, each person will participate in the design of a model organization for potential application in their workplace.

A forward-thinking workshop that provides a road map on how both organizations and individuals need to change over the next decade.

Participants Will Learn—

  • Major changes impacting leading-edge organizations
  • Survival skills for work in evolving organizations
  • Innovative strategic planning techniques that can be applied immediately
  • Exciting processes for bringing creativity into the workplace
  • Techniques for reducing change resistance
  • Practical techniques for creating a proactive, learning environment
  • Personal leadership tips supporting career success
  • Detailed design principles and techniques allowing successful change introduction

The High Performance Organization Empowering Individuals in Change

  • Environmental changes affecting organizations
  • Learning facilitative leadership skills
  • The World Economy – what’s coming
  • Dealing with change resistance
  • Requirements for the 21st Century
  • Creating positive mindsets
  • Looking at high performance
  • Understanding “sense of loss”
  • Benchmark Organizations – the best of the best!
  • Use of constructive power

Creating the Model Organization

The Learning Organization

  • Establishing winning design teams
  • Principles of learning at work
  • Design parameters – what from whom
  • Developing a learning culture
  • Relevance of norms – watch for sacred cows
  • Use of Best Practices
  • Overcoming saboteurs – planning for implementation
  • Rewarding what’s important

Modeling Learning Effectiveness

Strategic Visioning-Anticipating the Future

Changing Skills for Changing Times

  • Great techniques for visioning
  • Successful work attitudes and skills
  • Integration with strategic planning
  • Personal leadership skills
  • Painting the picture
  • How to keep from getting swept under the rug
  • Identifying key design components
  • Long term career development options

Use of Breakthrough Thinking Concepts—Breaking the Mold

  • Looking at situation uniqueness
  • Reducing bureaucracy – opening up flow
  • Integrating systems analysis understanding
  • Getting out of the box – rewarding the unusual
  • Practicing a true Creative Process
  • Creative Revolution – changing old ways
  • Using synthesis to create a large solution space
  • The change-masters handbook
  • Pushing for the “Solution-after-Next”
  • Creating a betterment timeline

This workshop can be presented in either a two or three-day format. Additional design time and exercises will be used in the three day format to enhance application (especially helpful if a number of participants are from one organization.)