Elevating Women in Leadership

A 3 Day Hands-On TMS Experience

Delivered in Live or Live Virtual Classrooms!


Course Description:

Studies have proven that women in leadership roles face a variety of unique challenges that require practical strategies to navigate. This women’s leadership course is a roundtable-style seminar that empowers women to identify, develop, and ultimately contribute their unique qualities to meet the challenges in an evolving work environment. In this hands-on workshop, you will learn different approaches for effectively handling common obstacles, how to strengthen your emotional intelligence, and develop the skills necessary to stand out as a leader among both men and women. Participants identify personal strengths and identify how those strengths can make positive impacts on their organization and community.

Designed based on behavioral science and current best leadership practices, this course’s underlying theme of understanding gender differences and compliments helps to remove barriers for both men and women in working together.  The course begins with an internal process of self-awareness and reflection in areas such as each woman’s qualities, challenges, experiences, and leadership goals. And throughout the course, an experienced facilitator offers discussion, self-assessments, shared experiences, coaching, tools, and strategies to take on challenges and greater leadership roles. By the end of the course, participants create a post-course Sustainability Strategy that is a blueprint for applying their learning and achieving the leadership goals they identify. A Personal Action Plan that guides the success of these emerging leaders is created in class with the support and guidance of the experienced instructor and peers.


Course Objectives:

  • Recognizing and amplifying your leadership strengths and skills
  • Building your personal board of advisors: identify each of the key roles you should seek to fill on your leadership support team to empower your success
  • Acknowledging the roles of gender, diversity, and inclusivity in an organization
  • Sharing strategies for personal and organizational growth from successful women leaders
  • Strategies for pursuing work-life balance
  • Build a personal action plan in class
  • Explore leadership sustainability strategies



Receive a Student Handbook or Electronic Textbook and Online Toolkit, containing tools such as checklist, tips, techniques, and numerous other tools to help you use your new skills immediately.


Additional Information

CPE Credits: 23.0

CEU Credits: 2.0

Suggested Program Prerequisites: None

Advanced Preparation: None NASBA Program Level: Basic NASBA Field of Study: Business Law

Delivery Method: Group Live –  Live Virtual Classroom

Audience: This workshop is designed for government personnel.