Leadership and Management Certification- Strategic Level

A 2-Day Hands-On Workshop – Strategic Level

Course Description: The program addresses essential workplace competencies that will help your managers, supervisors, and team leaders reach new levels of professionalism, leadership, and performance.

Air Force Competencies Addressed / Proficiency Levels

Employing Military Capabilities

Operational and Strategic Art

Unit, AF, Joint, and Coalition Capabilities

Non-Adversarial Crisis Response

Enterprise Perspective

Enterprise Structure and Relationships

Government Organization and Processes

Global, Regional, and Cultural Awareness

Strategic Communication

Managing Organizations and Resources4.5

Resource Stewardship                                                            Proficient

Change Management                                                              Skilled

Continuous Improvement                                                                  Skilled

Strategic Thinking

Vision                                                                                              Proficient

Decision Making                                                                     Proficient

Adaptability                                                                            Proficient

Leading People

Develops and Inspires Others                                                 Skilled

Takes Care of People                                                             Skilled

Diversity                                                                                Skilled

Fostering Collaborative Relationships

Builds Teams and Coalitions                                                   Proficient

Negotiating                                                                            Proficient

Embodies Airman Culture

Ethical Leadership                                                                  Proficient

Followership                                                                           Skilled

Warrior Ethos

Develops Self                                                                        Skilled


Speaking and Writing                                                              Proficient

Active Listening                                                                      Proficient

Who should Attend:  Managers, supervisors and team leaders who want to reach new levels of proficiency in professionalism, leadership and performance.

Subjects covered in this workshop:

Why Change is Healthy in Government Organizations

To Change or not to Change?

Introducing Change

Managing During Change

Decision Making

Motivating the team

Gaining Consensus (Buy-in)

Team Reputation and Identity

Assessment of Performance During Change


Active Listening

Leading an Organization to Success

Determining Organizational Priorities

Problem Solving and Decision Making

Managing Difficult People