Leadership Skills for Non-Supervisors

A 2 or 3-Day Hands-On Workshop

This intensive seminar is designed for individuals who are not currently in supervisory or managerial positions but currently hold key leadership roles in their organization or are interested in assuming such a role in the future. This seminar will help you develop informal leadership skills to influence positive organizational success without positional authority.

All attendees will receive a Student Handbook and access to an Online Toolkit, containing tools and research developed and gathered over decades by our instructors. Toolkits include items such as checklist, tips and techniques, sample documents, forms, academic and government studies, and numerous other tools to help you use your new skills immediately.

Learning Objectives:

• Develop an Understanding of How to Influence Positive Organizational Success Without Positional Authority
• Define Leadership and What It Means to You
• Understand the Differences Between Leadership and Management
• Develop the Framework for and a Strategy to Expand Your Sphere of Influence
• Understand the “Why” of Difficult Employees
• Learn Ways to Influence the Situation Using the Get, Give, Merge Model of Communication

Subjects covered in this workshop:

  • Leadership Definitions
  • Understanding Leadership and Management
  • Sphere of Influence
  • Authority vs. Influence
  • Leadership Styles
  • Dealing with Difficult People
  • Communication
  • How to Influence Others
  • Time Management/Managing Multiple Priorities
  • Action Steps for Success
  • Assessing Your Effectiveness
  • Personal Development to Prepare for Leadership

Additional Informationnasba_cperegistry_logo_color_transparent
CPE Credits:
CEU Credits: 2.8-0.6
Program Prerequisites: None
Advanced Preparation: None
NASBA Program Level: Basic
NASBA Field of Study: Personal Development
Delivery Method: Group Live – Classroom