Market Research Workshop

A 2 Day Workshop for Government Personnel

Market Research is required for all Performance-Based Service Contracts. This workshop focuses on the clear, practical, “how-to” techniques of Market Research. We will give you a clear, practical, step-by-step approach to Market Research. We will explain roles, responsibilities, timelines and milestones, and provide you with a list of Market Research data sources.

Topics Included in this Workshop —

  • What Is Market Research?
  • How To Conduct Market Research, Step-By-Step
    • How to use the Market Research Checklist
  • Regulations, Policies, And Guidance
  • What Skills Are Needed
  • Getting The Help You Need
  • Market Research Procedures For Documentation
  • How To Use Your Performance Work Statement (PWS) Data For Market Research
  • Sources Of Data For Market Research
    • Making contact with a POC
    • Questions to ask
  • The Market Research Final Report
  • Tips And Techniques To Make The Work Easier