A 2 Day Workshop For Government Employees

Do you want to flip the table on Death-by-PowerPoint? By combining strong storytelling and profound data representations, participants in this workshop learn how to convince and persuade audiences using visually effective presentations combining data, analysis, and narrative. This workshop shows you how to plan, organize and present your findings, ideas and professional knowledge powerfully and confidently. Gain impact skills to make your next presentation really showcase your strengths. Storytelling is our oldest form of persuasion and ~ as TED.com proves ~ it is just as relevant today as it was thousands of years ago. This workshop firmly focuses on the practical, specific how-to techniques of making high-performance presentations.

In this workshop, you will—

  • Understand how to use your data, analysis, and the hero’s journey to tell a compelling story
  • Interpret the types of presentations you are expected to produce
  • Understand common misconceptions about conveying meaning through presentations
  • Understand effective data display techniques
  • Apply effective planning and preparation techniques and tools
  • Organize your presentation for maximum success
  • Understand delivery techniques
  • Apply preparation, organizing, and delivery techniques
  • Analyze delivery techniques of peers in class