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Custom-Tailored Professional Consulting in Castle Pines, CO

Custom-Tailored Professional Consulting

Technical Management Services (TMS) is a small, woman-owned business that excels at delivering custom-tailored professional consulting, including training and coaching that is designed specifically for the Federal Government and Department of Defense.

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TMS employs a customer-centric mission and value driven staff.

Since 1990, TMS has been committed to developing and delivering impactful and engaging products and services designed specifically for you, where you want it, and when you want it. The TMS customer-centric approach focuses on delivering services and products tailored to your organization’s precise mission and vision.

Our staff is driven by a values-based approach that embodies integrity, teamwork, competency, and selfless service.

Product and Services. Dynamic, current, customer-centric.

TMS’ hands-on workshops are designed by certified TMS instructors using industries best practice that will inspire, motivate, and educate professionals, teams, and organizations by using the latest techniques in adult learning methodologies.

Our services include Training in Leadership, Acquisition and Contract Management, Project Management, Professional Development, and Organizational Improvement; Consulting, and Coaching on mission-critical topics to help individuals and groups acquire and apply highly-impactful tools and skills to improve performance.

TMS has sustained a customer satisfaction rating of over 99.8% for more than 29 years!

People. Each of our instructors has more than two decades of experience in their field.

Our highly experienced staff of former government professionals who “have been there” and “have done that” are passionate about sharing their knowledge, experience, and inspiring others toward achieving their personal and professional goals. Our clients continually tell us they see a major difference in having TMS instructors who have actually worked in the Federal Government direct their hands-on leadership workshops.

Performance. TMS boasts a 99.8% in overall customer satisfaction.

With more than 29 years of experience and a tremendous depth of knowledge within Federal Government Agencies and Department of Defense Organizations, we have provided training to thousands of government employees, including Presidential Appointees and Senior Executive Staff, and our workshops average over 99.8% in overall satisfaction. Our stellar past performance will ensure that we will meet your precise needs and deliver the very highest quality coaching, consulting, and tailored training for your organization.

TMS Hiring Approach. Expert certified instructors.

TMS instructors are hired with the customer in mind.  Each instructor completes a 3 phase certification process to ensure that our quality products are delivered by quality people who display TMS’ core values of integrity, competency, teamwork, and selfless service.  An element that TMS seeks in each instructor is a true enjoyment for teaching and a passion for learning.

Based on TMS’ hiring philosophy, our instructors have several decades of “in the trenches” experiences to inspire, illustrate learning topics, and engage attendees. We frequently receive feedback on our course evaluations such as the following quotes from participants who have attended our courses in the last several years:

“By far the best instructor and training event in over 20 years of civil service!”

“Excellent Course. Excellent Presentation. Excellent Instructor.”

“The instructor’s experience and enthusiasm were invaluable!”

“Jesse did an Outstanding Job. He was clear and effective in his presentation and his unique style was remarkable.  I sincerely appreciate the time and effort spent in preparing and executing this very useful training. Keep up the excellent work.”

“I enjoyed the course tremendously. The instructor is dynamic, knowledgeable, and inspiring.”

TMS Representative Biography.

Jesse Sellars

COO, Master Instructor/Sr. Consultant, TMS

Since 2006

Jesse Sellars is an expert in Government Management and Innovative Leadership Coaching as well as an experienced and inspirational educator and trainer. He has trained and consulted hundreds of government employees, to include Agency Executive Leadership, on all aspects of management, planning, and the government acquisitions process with over a 99% customer satisfaction rating.  Jesse has been leading, developing, and training government organizations for over 2 decades. During this time, he spent 2 years forward deployed in Iraq commanding Troops in combat and also had direct involvement in training and consulting various Federal Government organizations in all phases of the government acquisitions process to include quality assurance and monitoring contractor performance. Jesse is frequently requested to speak at various government forums across the country on both his experiences while in Iraq and on various other topics specific to the government workforce.

Jesse’s success has been highlighted on 60 Minutes, The Discovery Channel, PBS, The History Channel, FOX News, CNN, CBS, and multiple nationally printed sources to include The New Yorker, The New York Times, and Time Magazine. Jesse has also been publicly recognized by both then-Governor Clinton, and President Bush, for his accomplishments and contributions to the Nation and State government organizations.

Jesse is a Master Instructor and Sr. Consultant for TMS.  Since joining TMS he has authored multiple leadership workshops and has also authored an employee ‘how-to’ handbook that pre-sold nearly 5,000 copies.

For more instructor biographies, please contact Stacey Kruse at 303-841-7541 or via email at stacey@tmsworkshops.com.

Our Clients:

Federal Government Agencies

  • The Department of Justice

  • The Department of Health and Human Services

  • The Department of the Interior

  • The Department of Labor

  • The Department of State

  • The Department of Transportation

  • The Department of the Treasury

  • The General Services Administration

  • The National Aeronautics and Space Administration

  • The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency

  • Department of Defense Organizations

  • The Defense Contract Management Agency

  • The Defense Finance and Accounting Services

  • The Defense Information Systems Agency

  • The Defense Logistics Agency

  • The US Air Force

  • The US Army

  • The US Coast Guard

  • The US Marine Corps

  • The US Navy

  • Washington Headquarters Service