TMS employs a participant-focused, data driven coaching approach designed to help individuals fulfill their potential in each of the areas a manager is responsible for: performance of the institution, making work productive, worker achievement, workforce development, and social responsibilities. Our experienced and certified Coaches focus on meaningful learning for the coached and utilize an easy to understand approach that guides participants through the scenario review, planning, problem solving, and skill development techniques needed to grow and achieve astonishing potential and increased organizational performance and productivity.

TMS utilizes a 360 degree assessment tool to collect the performance and perception data needed to make a meaningful analysis of the gap between current performance and true potential of the person being coached. We then use this information to shape meaningful questions for the person being coached. These questions are designed with the purpose of inspiring meaningful thought processes for the individual being coached. Where participants struggle to find answers, our trained coaches offer tools, resources and techniques to aid the developmental progress. These questions and subsequently offered tools, techniques and resources help people consider pivotal issues and discover answers that guide their future actions to achieve higher levels of performance and success.