Briefing and Presentation Techniques to Impress VIPs and Organizational Leaders

“Briefings That Get Results in Government Organizations

1 and 2 Day, Hands-On Workshops for Government Employees

Visibility is a key to success in government today. Give yourself, and your organization, a leading edge. This workshop shows you how to plan, organize and present your ideas powerfully and confidently when briefing high level individuals and decision makers. Gain impact skills to make your next presentation really showcase your strengths. This workshop firmly focuses on the practical, specific how-to techniques of making high performance presentations.

Some of the topics you will cover —


  • How to use this workshop to design your own briefings & presentations
  • Types of presentations you are expected to produce
  • Common misconceptions about presentations
  • Breakthrough presentations—The successful presentation checklist

Planning & Preparation

  • Defining your goal & message
  • The VIP audience
    • Analyzing their needs & expectations
    • 3 key facts
  • Focusing your presentation for power
  • Presentation strategies
  • Developing an easy presentation plan
  • Expressing your knowledge
    • Collecting your thoughts
    • Using a single sentence to guide your research
  • Creating a schedule
  • Fitting your presentation to the time limit
  • The components of a strong presentation
  • Powerful persuasion techniques
  • Avoid these planning errors
  • What to do when you don’t have time to plan


  • Outlining isn’t necessary anymore
  • Creating a presentation format
    • Get organized quickly
  • The introduction
    • Directing the audiences attention to your objective & your strengths
  • How to arrange your points for maximum effect
  • A strong conclusion that gets the results you want
  • Breaking the rules—when & why

Developing the Presentation

  • Guidelines for writing a powerful presentation
  • Start with your ideas
  • Make them communicate
  • How to set up a logical flow to your presentation
  • Influencing your audience
  • How to get attention & interest
  • The elements of style
  • Preparing your script—don’t begin by writing
  • Supporting materials
  • Credibility–how to establish it, how to hold it
  • Making a strong introduction to set the tone
  • Presentation design & style
  • Adding message-driven graphics for real impact
  • Easy visual tactics that make your audience remember you and your message
  • Charts & graphs: Visualizing data
    • Winning numbers—how to use business facts & figures to make your point
  • Handouts
  • ChecklistDeveloping your presentation


  • Be a leader
    • How to get control
    • How to stay in control
  • Delivery techniques & tips
  • Important aspects to presentations
  • How to appear confident—even when you’re not
  • Informative strategies
  • Persuasive strategies
  • Using humor & analogies
  • Tips for answering the tough questions
  • Evaluations & critiques—practicing & improving your techniques
  • Strengthen your natural presentation style
  • What image do you convey?
    • What image should you convey?
  • Quick-thinking presentation survival tips
  • Techniques to help you win support—even with unpopular topics
  • Pre-presentation checklist

Presentation Hazards

  • Expecting the unexpected
  • Overcoming fear of speaking
  • Building your confidence
  • Anticipating questions & practicing your responses
  • Hecklers & hostile audiences
  • Ad-libbing & winging it

When You’re in Charge—Making the Briefing a Real Standout

  • Tips & techniques
  • The Government PresentationsToolkit including checklists, forms, tip sheets

Note: The second day allows each participant to practice techniques learned in the workshop and to be personally evaluated.