Business Process Reengineering (BPR)

This workshop, designed for management and working level employees, takes you through the BPR process step-by-step, shows you what it is; why it exists; how it will affect each member of the organization; and shows you how to position your organization to win.

Workshop Objectives

This class will provide an understanding of the rationale and benefits of the BPR process from project start to completion.

The BPR Overview Workshop Topics Include—

  • The BPR Process, start-to-finish
    • Brief history
    • Key points
  • BPR Terminology
  • The Rationale behind BPR
  • Who benefits from BPR?
  • Policy and Guidance
  • What government organizations stand to win…and what they stand to lose
  • How to utilize Private Industry techniques and innovations
  • The BPR Timeline and milestones
  • How will the BPR Process affect the members of the organization?
  • BPR Teams
    – How many are there?
    – Who is on them?
    – What qualifications are needed
  • BPR Roles and Responsibilities
    • Management’s role
    • The worker’s role
    • Contracting Office role
    • Quality Assurance personnel role
    • HR role
  • Preliminary Planning
    • What is it
    • How to do it
    • How to select activities for BPR—criteria to use
    • The Public Announcement
    • The Performance Work Statement
    • The Reorganization Plan Development Team
      • The Reorganization Plan contents
      • The Quality Control Plan
      • The Cost Estimate
      • Certifying the Reorganization Plan
    • The Phase-In Period
      • Implementing the Reorganization Plan
      • Impact on employees
    • Follow-On Accountabilityand the Performance Plan
    • BPR Checklists, tip sheets, forms, example schedule and milestones
    • What are employee’s greatest concerns?
    • Agency options to help employees
    • Best Practices and Lessons Learned from other government organizations
    • Question and Answer session