A 2-Day Hands-On Workshop

This workshop is designed to create a positive work environment that promotes cooperation by learning how to deal more effectively with change when it occurs. Learn to modify and adapt goals, respond to issues before they reach crisis mode, and control anxiety. This workshop will focus on individual and organizational change.

Subjects covered in this workshop:

  • Learn the ADKAR™ Change Management Model
  • Awareness of the need to change
  • Desire to create; support; participate in and lead change
  • Knowledge required to implement and introduce change
  • Ability to affect the change
  • Reinforce the changes made while continuing champion change
  • Enhance teamwork and productivity
  • Reduce individual anxiety and stress by learning to find Control, Understanding, Support, and Purpose in the midst of Change and Transition
  • Reduce conflicts and tension amongst staff
  • Create means of understanding and controlling Change
  • Use the “Focus-Reflect-Act” learning technique to process Change
  • Identify preferred personal approaches to processing Change and Transition
  • Focus on and define the specific challenges of the Change situation
  • Interpret and reflect on personal feelings, behaviors and expectations of the Change situation
  • Act and respond in constructive ways to the Change situation based upon this new learning experience and then take positive steps to move forward