Coaching and On the Job Training Principles

A 3-Day Hands-On Workshop

Increasing demands on the Federal workforce are requiring organizations to perform at higher levels with fewer resources and staff, and the leader’s job is to make that happen effectively and efficiently. Whether guiding employees to grow professionally or helping employees during periods of change and transition, coaching and mentoring lets leaders be seen as results-oriented professionals who inspire confidence and dedication from their staff.

This workshop specifically focuses on the principles of effective on-the-job training techniques. Participants can expect a “train-the-trainer” experience that is hands-on, reality centric, and tailored to government employees at any level. The instructor guides the learning through dynamic instruction, small group exercises, scenario-based problem solving, and hands-on application of proven techniques to plan and execute on-the-job employee development.

Learning Objectives & Topics Covered:

    • Core educational tenants of adult learning
    • Effectively implement strategies for on the job training
    • Principals of participant-centered learning
    • Understand different learning styles, and how to cater to them
    • Understand techniques to increase content retention
    • Giving and receiving verbal and non-verbal feedback
    • How-To apply participant-centered coaching
    • Understand principles to designing and delivering the information and content that employees need to effectively accomplish their job


Toolkits: Receive a Student Textbook and Online Toolkit, containing tools such as checklists, tips, techniques, and numerous other tools to help you use your new skills immediately.

Additional Information:

CPE Credits: 23.0

CEU Credits: 2.0

Suggested Program Prerequisites: None

Advanced Preparation: None

NASBA Program Level: Basic

NASBA Field of Study: Specialized Knowledge

Delivery Method: Group Live – Live Virtual Classroom