Conflict Management and Resolution in the Government Workplace

A 1 or 2 Day, Hands-On Workshop For Government Employees

Teamwork and unity in government organizations is rapidly evolving into a new form. Those who understand and practice effective conflict management and resolution will contribute to the continuing development of an effective, efficient, and thriving workplace that will enable federal organizations to continue to meet their missions.

This workshop will demonstrate not only clear, practical conflict management and resolution techniques, but also how to implement them within the government work environment. Attendees will receive a Conflict Management and Resolution Handbookfilled with step-by-step instructions, examples, tip sheets, checklists, and resources that you will use in implementing strong Conflict Management skills.

Topics Covered in this Workshop—

Understanding Conflict

  • Definition of conflict
  • Ingredients of conflict
  • The differences between “competition” and “conflict”
  • Conflict between individuals
  • Conflict between groups of people

Identifying the Source of Conflict

  • Types of conflict
  • How to identify signs and stages of conflict

Conflict Management

  • What is Conflict Management?
  • Use of Conflict Management
  • 7 Steps to manage conflict
  • Conflict Management Tools

Developing a Conflict Management Plan

  • Assessing your current Conflict Management Plan
  • Developing focus and vision
  • Designing the Conflict Management Plan
  • Challenges of implementing the Conflict Management Plan

Conflict Management Strategies

  • What strategies are available?
  • Determining which strategy to use

Conflict Resolution

  • What is Conflict Resolution?
  • Actions to avoid during conflict resolution
  • Consequences of Conflict Resolution

Alternative Dispute Resolution Techniques

  • Mediation
  • Arbitration
  • Dispute management
  • Negotiation

Putting it all Together

  • The Personal Challenge
  • The Leadership Challenge
  • Quality Improvement Actions
  • Measuring the Results

Action Steps for Success

  • Clarifying your vision and values
  • Assessing values
  • Building credibility
  • Assessing effectiveness
  • Setting priorities

Questions for Your Personal Development


What you will take with you from this Workshop—

Identifying conflict within the workplace, determining the source of conflict, resolving conflict utilizing the resolution process, managing conflict with confidence, developing a conflict management plan, implementing proven conflict management strategies, understanding alternate dispute resolution techniques.