Contracting for Non-Contracting Government Personnel

“What Do I Need To Know To Help My Organization Get On Contract?

A 3 Day Workshop For Government Employees

The Government is changing the way it thinks about and actually acquires services. To implement these changes, agencies will need to train not only the acquisition workforce on this new focus but also those who establish requirements, write Performance Work Statements, and work in any other area of government that deals with contractors.

Agencies need to train their functional people in the basics of acquiring services and interacting effectively with the commercial sector, since, as the government workforce continues to shrink, more people will be involved in developing performance requirements, writing the PWS’s, and managing contractors.

Topics included in this workshop include—

  • Contracting 101
  • How does the government buy what it needs?
  • Source Selection Process overview
  • Timelines, steps and a roadmap to getting a service on contract
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • The parts of a contract & terminology
  • The impact of Public Law, Regulations and Directives
  • Overview of the FAR System
  • Types of contracts
  • Performance-Based Contracting
  • Developing Requirements
  • Performance Work Statements
  • Market Research
  • Best Commercial Practices
  • Developing Performance Standards
  • Terms, conditions, performance incentives

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