How To Correctly Monitor & Evaluate A Contractor’s Performance

A 1, 2, or 3 Day Workshop For Government Personnel

This workshop is specifically designed with the experienced COR in mind.  This workshop will highlight those areas too important to become rusty on as well as bring in new tips and techniques from one of our experienced instructors who is versed in the latest best practice techniques, laws, policy, and regulation for monitoring and documenting contractor performance.  This workshop will serve as a valuable refresher on the skills, techniques and knowledge of regulation needed to evaluate and document your contractor’s performance to ensure they are delivering what the government needs.

This workshop will show you what to look for, key indicators of the contractor’s performance, how to anticipate problems, and how to correct them before they get out of hand.  In class, participants can expect to get their specific questions answered by an experienced instructor.

Topics Included—

  • Introduction
  • The Regulations
  • Contracting Officer’s Representative Roles And Responsibilities
    • COR Authority
    • COR do’s and don’ts
  • Ethics For Government Personnel Evaluating a Contractor’s Performance
  • Monitoring Contractor Performance
    • Conducting inspections
    • Acceptable performance levels
    •  Identifying deficiencies
  • Documenting Results
  • Contract Modifications
  • Avoiding Problems
  • Unauthorized Commitments
  • Ratifications
  • How To Detect Contractor Fraud
  • Remedies Available To You
  • Steps To Implement Remedies
  • Invoices
    • Invoice review
    • Accept table and improper invoices
    • Rejecting an invoice
    •  Types of payments