Creating an Environment for Successful Projects

A 2-Day Hands-On Workshop

The hands-on workshop zeroes in on the keys to creating a strong, focused, project organization. Managers and prospective managers get the cutting-edge information and tools they need to build and support the project management climate that is the fundamental key to making projects succeed. This workshop outlines exactly what key managers need to do to ensure senior management, customers, and workers support projects.

Subjects covered in this workshop:

  • Creating strategic emphasis for projects
  • The project management initiative process and how to implement it
  • How upper management influences project success
  • How to use this information to get the visibility and support you need
  • Supporting the project team
  • Organizing the project management effort
  • Understanding work types
  • Metrics you need to know
  • What metrics to avoid, at all costs
  • Developing project managers
  • Planning the project environment
  • Exactly what inspires project workers?
  • How to build morale in your project