A 2 Day Hands-On Workshop 

Designed for Government Managers and Supervisors

You can craft the perfect program plan, but if the contractors and employees doing the work are not actively engaged in your mission – the plan will not succeed – you must lead them to success.

This workshop will focus on the development of interpersonal and mentoring skills required to lead complex programs. Critical thinking is explored as a means for problem-solving and decision-making in potentially Uncertain and ambiguous operating environments. You will gain awareness of how modeling responsible and accountable behaviors relate to the effective and efficient use of program resources. Stakeholder relationship skills will be gained through interactive small group exercises.

Participants will gain a global awareness of the linkage between organizational vision and objectives by examining Business Line of Sight (BLoS) models. With this, they will create real-world talking points and leadership methodologies to be used in Strategic Alignment efforts upon return to their workplaces. This workshop includes a combination of case study analysis, reading, independent research, small group exercises, lecture, and follow-up coaching sessions. OPM Executive Core Qualifications are addressed in this workshop.

Competencies Covered in this Workshop Include:

  • Foster an inclusive workplace where diversity and individual differences are valued and leveraged to achieve the vision and mission of the program. (ECQ – Leading People)
  • Manage a long-term organizational view that fosters a shared vision and acts as a catalyst for change through successful program execution. (ECQ – Leading Change)
  • Organize and participate in a mentoring program for new projects and program managers. (ECQ – Leading People)
  • Model well-developed oral and written communications skills and foster their development in subordinate project managers. (ECQ – Leading People)
  • Mentor individuals and integrated project teams (IPTs) to apply critical thinking to increase overall individual and team performance to meet program goals. (ECQs – Leading People; Results Driven)
  • Identify, assess and resolve programmatic problems and use sound judgment to identify corrective courses of action. (ECQ – Results Driven)
  • Manage program resources through high levels of accountability and responsibility. (ECQ – Business Acumen; Results Driven)
  • Facilitating business partnerships with the contracting officer, chief acquisition officer, senior-level agency advisors, other business advisers, and program stakeholders. (ECQ – Building Coalitions)
  • Oversee the formulation of program priorities aligned with organizational objectives and priorities and implement plans consistent with the long-term interests of the organization in a global environment. (ECQ – Leading Change)


Additional Information

Certification: FPM 334 meets the senior-level certification training requirements for the Federal Acquisition Certification for Program and Project Managers (FACP/PM).

CPE Credits: 18.0

CEU Credits: 1.4

Advanced Preparation: You must have already completed the FAC-P/PM level 1 and 2 training programs or have Career Manager approval.

Suggested Program Prerequisites: You are encouraged, but not required, to complete the FAC-P/PM level 3 training program prior to attendance.

NASBA Program Level: Advanced

NASBA Field of Study: Management Services

Delivery Method: Group Live – Classroom