instructor biographies

Below is a sampling of TMS’ instructor biographies. Upon request, additional biographies will be provided.

Paul Yingling

Master Instructor, Senior Consultant

Mr. Paul Yingling has successfully led government organizations for more than thirty years.  In twenty-four years of active military service, Paul led U.S. soldiers in five tours of combat and stability operations.  He was awarded the Bronze Star Medal for service in combat in 1991 for the Gulf War and in 2006 for counterinsurgency operations in Iraq.

He has written extensively on the rapidly changing roles of leaders in today’s work environment, including articles in the Armed Forces Journal, Military Review and Perspectives on Politics and the Washington Post.  He has also spoken in both the U.S. and Europe on these topics, including appearances at the Council on Foreign Relations, Oxford University and the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College.  He holds a master’s degree in Political Science from the University of Chicago, and in 2013 was awarded Chicago’s Distinguished Public Service Alumni Award.

He has taught on the faculty of the United States Military Academy and the George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies. As a faculty member, he developed in his students the knowledge, and abilities needed to effectively lead themselves, teams, projects people and organizations.

In addition to serving as a master instructor at Technical Management Services, Paul is also an award winning public high school teacher.


Ric Loll

Master Instructor, Senior Consultant

Mr. Ric Loll is a Master Instructor and Senior Consultant in Project Management, Systems & Industrial Engineering, Federal Acquisitions, Process Improvement, and Leadership; Project Management expertise with certifications in ScrumMaster, PMP, and PRINCE2; Master Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma.

Ric has designed and instructed numerous courses including Project- Program- and Portfolio-Management, Process Improvement, and Industrial & Systems Engineering. He also teaches workshops in Source Selection Evaluation Board Overview, Cost Analysis for Acquisitions under $700K, SSEB from the Contracting Officer’s Perspective, Introduction for Source Selection Authorities, Introduction to the FAR, and numerous courses including Leadership, Management, and Teamwork.  Mr. Loll has over 8,000 podium-hours of teaching experience in classrooms, and virtually through webinars, teleconference, and using both instructor led and asynchronous on-line courses.

His project management expertise contributed to the IRS ‘s 5-year A-76 effort being awarded the President’s Award for Quality in 2008. Mr. Loll has worked as an advisor and consultant to contracting activities since 1986.  He has studied the structure and proper staffing of USAF contracting activities at the base, MAJCOM, and AF-wide levels. Ric was a consultant on process improvements to the Internal Revenue Service Procurement Director for two years.

Mr. Loll is a graduate of Goddard College with a Master of Arts in Sustainability and American Intercontinental University with a Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Development.  He was trained as an Industrial Engineer and has over 26 years of hands-on IE experience with the military. His graduate level IE and engineering management classes at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale has helped him excel with Systems Engineering workshops.

He has received the following certifications:

  • Project Management Professional (PMP) from PMI
  • ScrumMaster in Agile Project Management
  • PRINCE2 Foundations (Practitioner pending)
  • Cisco Certified Network Engineer (CCNE)
  • Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator
  • Lean Six Sigma Black Belt from the Innovation School of Caterpillar,
  • Master Instructor certified in Instructional Systems Design

Ric is a member in good standing and past regional President of the Institute of Industrial Engineers. He is also a member of the American Society for Quality, Project Management Institute, Net Impact, and the Defense Acquisition University Alumni Organization.

In 2014 Ric was selected one of five international winners in the Toyota Net- Impact “Your Personal Impact” sustainability competition. As a consultant he received two Director’s Awards from the IRS in 2010 and 2008. During his military service Ric was awarded two Distinguished Service medals, eight Commendations medals, and 14 Achievement medals. His military service also saw an esprit de corps award in every military class he attended, many scores of letters of recommendation, and three selections as NCO of the Year at the unit, base, and MAJCOM levels.


Keith A. Russell

Leadership Program Director, Master Instructor

Mr. Keith Russell has over 20 years experience with the U.S. Army including fifteen years in senior leadership and management positions; twelve years in technical instruction and instructor supervision.  Keith is a decorated combat leader who has been recognized for his contributions to defining military operations as an operational leader and manager in worldwide contingency operations. These decorations include 3 Bronze Stars and a Purple Heart among many others.  He has managed training and leadership development programs in Germany, Bosnia, Haiti, Hungary, Kosovo, Kuwait, Iraq and Saudi Arabia as well as the U.S.  He has broad experience in training government employees in many settings.

Keith has over twenty-five years experience in Leadership, Functional Team Building and Management Positions as well as extensive training and training management experience. Keith has a complete understanding and across-the-board experience working with and in military and government organizations. He has managed and led joint-services organizations including Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine, Special Operations Forces and Government contractors.  His experience in working across the DoD has earned him great respect with many Military, Government and Civilian leaders.

He is a Master Training and Curriculum Development Specialist and Master Instructor. Keith received many awards while working as an Assistant Professor of Military Science and Leadership at The University of Southern Mississippi. Keith holds a Bachelor of Science in Leadership (BSL) from Trident University International.

He is an expert in Leadership and Performance Feedback Systems and assessment tools.  He has managed and administered thousands of 360-degree and climate surveys across many government agencies.

Keith has conducted extensive research projects and studies on Institutional Learning and Professional Development.  His latest work includes writing a book titled: Institutional Development and Learning Organizations, which is set for publishing soon.

Keith lives in Bettendorf, Iowa with his wife and daughter and enjoys the outdoors, fishing and motorcycles.


Dave Doss

Chief Master Instructor, Senior Consultant

Mr. Doss is a highly experienced Acquisition and Commercial Services Management expert. He was the on-site manager for dozens of competitions for the Federal Government.  Dave was instrumental in developing many tools and procedures for all phases of the Procurement Process, including Independent Review Official guidelines, Preliminary Planning, Performance-Based PWS, QASP, and Unique approaches to Source Selections.

Mr. Doss has worked for the Federal government for over 35 years; directly as an employee and as a contractor. Mr. Doss has spent a tremendous amount of time over the last fifteen years developing a very complex Civil Engineering Performance-Based PWS at Tinker Air Force Base and with the Department of Homeland Security; U.S. Coast Guard Industrial Services Division analyzing their unique mission and conducting Preliminary Planning. Both of these examples of major studies included analyzing and documenting requirements across 27 functional areas at one time.

Senior Consultant and Chief Master Instructor, Department of the Treasury, Internal Revenue Service, Office of Competitive Sourcing, 2003-2008.  Dave delivered over 50 tailored courses for IRS with a 99.6 percent approval rating.  He was instrumental in all decisions, providing on-site support, resulting in zero appeals or contests based on pricing procedures.   Dave led numerous “jump start” workshops for teams which allowed the teams to simultaneously move quickly through the phases of team integration and to produce meaningful rough draft products accompanied with milestone charts for the entire project.  These sessions were lauded for reducing study duration by as much as 25 percent.

Program Manager (Contractor), Department of Homeland Security, United States Coast Guard, Directorate of Support Services, 2007-2010.  Dave was responsible to lead a comprehensive service-wide study of port-bound repair personnel, including over 12 ports and nearly 1,300 FTEs.  Mr. Doss utilized his extensive Organization and Process Analysis experience to lead the study to an over 39 percent reduction in costs through the application of employee interviews, in-depth analysis (systems, flow, Activity-Based Costing, mapping and related process data collection and analysis techniques).

Program Manager, United States Air Force, Air Education and Training Command (AETC), Office of Competitive Sourcing, 1995-2000.  As a member of the leading 8 Base Operations Support Services (BOSS) studies in AETC, Dave was personally responsible for the day-to-day execution of studies affecting over 3,400 FTEs.  In this role he maintained project schedules, requested and allocated resources, maintained communications paths, directed remote teams, performed analysis and provided briefings to the most senior levels of USAF leadership.

Additional Assignments of Relevance:  Master Instructor and Senior Consultant, Department of State 2003 – 2009.  He taught numerous Procurement Classes for the DoS.  Senior Consultant for HQ USDA Competitive Sourcing Program Office; Program Manager, DOL/OSHA Competitive Sourcing Support for 2 Competitions; Contract Manager for USDA Forest Service North Central Research Station; Contract Manager for USDA Forest Service Pacific Southwest Research Station; Contract Manager for USDA Forest Service Forest Products Laboratory; Senior Instructor for AFMIA, USAF; Program Manager for DISA/DECC Area Command; Senior Consultant, DOI/F&WS Competitive Sourcing Training and Support.