A 3 Day Workshop for Government Employees

This workshop shows you how to firmly control any size project. It firmly focuses on practical, how-to aspects of managing your projects with real-world examples. The competencies addressed in this workshop are: Customer Service Orientation; Conceptual & Strategic Thinking; Judgment & Analytical Thinking; Flexibility; Initiative; Communication & Persuasion; Standards of Excellence & Efficiency; Use of Influence Strategies; Working through others; Entrepreneurial Achievement; Leadership; Group Management; and Organizational Awareness.

Topics Covered —

• Mentoring and Leading the Project team
• Defining and Initiating the Project
• Successful Project Planning
• How Does the Contractor Plan the Project?
• Budgeting
• Dealing with Change and Conflict—Procedures for Avoiding the Traps and Staying In Charge
• Scheduling the Project
• Managing the Project Scheduling Process
• Informal and Better Approaches
• Organizing & Directing the Project
• Evaluating and Adjusting Course
• Additional Hands-On Exercises
• Effective Project Communication Techniques
• Managing Project Priorities
• Organizational and Personal Motivation
• Confronting Poor Performance
• Build a Project Plan in Class

Additional Information
CPE Credits: 2 3 .0
CEU Credits: 2.0
Suggested Program Prerequisites: None
Advanced Preparation: None
NASBA Program Level: Intermediate
NASBA Field of Study: Business Management and
Organization Delivery Method: Group Live- Classroom