A 3-Day Hands-On Workshop

Course Description:  The highly interactive three-day workshop offers technically trained and talented people – engineers, systems analysts, nurses, accountants, scientists, technicians, mechanics – the training core they need to make their maximum contribution to the organization.

Who Should Attend: The workshop is intended for technical people, people who work in technical fields and people who work with technical people, such as engineers; IT professionals, scientists, managers, current and prospective supervisors, current and prospective project leaders, and anyone who could benefit from being more influential within a technical organization.

Subjects Covered in this Workshop:

What is Leadership?

How to Develop Trust and Respect

The Art of Influence

Accessing Intrinsic Motivation

Self Assessment of Leadership Ability and Potential

Project Leadership and Project Management

Contents of Personalized Development Plans

Identify and Prioritize Three Key Things They Will Influence at Work

Identify and Prioritize Five Leadership and Management Competencies to Develop

Identify Three to Five People to Build Rapport With Who Can Help Them Become More Influential, and Determine How to Go About Building Rapport With Each Person

Use Self-Assessments to Identify and Prioritize Competencies Related to Building Trust and Respect, Influence, and Dedication to Being a Leader

Additional Informationnasba_cperegistry_logo_color_transparent
CPE Credits:
CEU Credits: 2.0
Program Prerequisites: None
Advanced Preparation: None
NASBA Program Level: Basic
NASBA Field of Study: Personal Development
Delivery Method: Group Live – Classroom