Management Development Seminar

A 5 Day Workshop for Managers

In Government Organizations

This workshop provides the opportunity for experienced federal managers to step into the world of dynamic thinking, creativity, and innovation. Managers bring live problems to the seminar and working together, they use seminar learning and each other’s knowledge and experience to work through them. They will sharpen their skills in the areas of leadership, communication, and problem solving. They will also receive valuable insight into their personal strengths and leadership values to propel their approach to the next level.

The workshop focuses on practical problems and situations of the government work environment, and characteristics of the successful leader and Manager. The emphasis is on learning proven ways of thinking and acting in leadership situations. Building credibility, positively influencing people and implementing effective management systems are prominent topics in the workshop. This workshop also explores multiple problem solving and critical thinking techniques.

The handbook you receive in this workshop is a powerful guide that you will refer to for immediate results that your management and team will notice.

Some of the Topics Covered in this Workshop Include:

  • Expanding The Sphere of Influence and Increasing Personal Power
  • Empowering Mindsets
  • Collaborative Approach to Problem Solving
  • Motivating People
  • Communication
  • Leading an Organization to Success
  • Determining Organizational Priorities
  • Decision Making
  • Planning Techniques
  • Introducing change
  • Coaching and Developing People
  • Managing Difficult People