Telework: Managing The Flexible Workplace

A 2 or 3 Day Workshop for Government Personnel

This workshop will provide Managers and Supervisors with the guidance necessary to successfully implement a system that accommodates flexible work arrangements including Telework, flexible work hours and remotely located staff members. Participants learn how to maintain effective communications, motivate, and supervise their employees regardless of their physical work location.

This workshop teaches Managers how to develop clear, specific and timely performance metrics to use in evaluating employee performance, how to construct and implement an effective Telework security plan, how to write a Flexible Workplace agreement, and how to implement Telework within their work groups to maximize productivity in the demanding government work environment.

The focus of this workshop is on the clear, practical how-to techniques of managing employees who are engaged in a non-traditional workplace.  You will gain powerful new skills to use now.

Topics included in this workshop –


  • Legislative requirements
  • Definitions/types of telework
  • Policy Requirements

Implementing Flexible Workforce Practices

  • Managing the Change
  • Determining Eligibility
  • Equipment & Support Considerations
  • Security Requirements
  • Establishing a Telework Agreement
  • Facilitating Communications Among Workgroup Members

Performance Management -Managing in a Virtual Office Environment

  • Trust but Verify – Questions every Flexible Workplace Manager should ask!
  • Setting Expectations
  • An effective set of Virtual Office Rules to Operate by
  • The 7 Most Common Bad Habits of the Teleworker
  • 7 Principals the Flexible Workplace Manager should live by!
  • Communicating Expectations
  • Monitoring and Measuring Performance of the Virtual Office Employee
  • Motivating in the Virtual Environment
  • The top 10 tools used by industry that can work for government telework!

Establish strong relationships to fuel motivation, collaboration, and productivity

  • Build Commitment, Dedication and Esprit de corps
  • Getting Face Time
  • An effective Rewards and Recognition program for the Virtual Office
  • Connecting through Technology – The when, where, and how often!
  • Avoiding Burnout!