Presenting With Confidence

A 1 or 3 Day Hands-On Workshop

Visibility is key to success in government today. Give yourself, and your organization, a leading edge. This workshop shows you how to plan, organize and present your ideas powerfully and confidently. Gain impact skills to make your next presentation really showcase your strengths. This workshop firmly focuses on the practical, specific how-to techniques of making high-performance presentations.

Learning Objectives & Topics Covered in the 1 Day Workshop:

  • Interpret types of presentations you are expected to produce
  • Understand common misconceptions about presentations
  • Make use of a successful presentation checklist
  • Apply effective planning and preparation techniques and tools
  • Organize your presentation for maximum success
  • Develop the presentation
  • Understand delivery techniques

Additional Learning Objectives & Topics Covered in the 3 Day Workshop:

  • Apply preparation, organizing and delivery techniques
  • Analyze delivery techniques of peers in class

Audience: This workshop is designed for mid-level managers in the GS11-13 range or their equivalents.

Toolkits: Each participant will receive a Student Handbook and access to an Online Toolkit, containing tools such as checklist, tips, techniques, and numerous other tools to help you use your new skills immediately.

Additional Information
CPE Credits: 7.0/20.0
CEU Credits: 0.6/1.7
Program Prerequisites: None
Advanced Preparation: None
NASBA Program Level: Basic
NASBA Field of Study: Personal Development
Delivery Method: Group Live – Classroom