Problem Solving and Decision Making 3 Day

A 3-Day Hands-On Workshop

Course Description: The workshop is designed to develop the analytical and critical thinking skills of key technical professionals who can apply those skills on critical organizational issues. Participants will learn how to identify, define and resolve issues; make decisions based on objective criteria; develop step-by-step plans to effectively implement decisions; and facilitate teamwork in problem solving and decision making.

All attendees will receive a Student Handbook and access to an Online Toolkit, containing tools and research developed and gathered over decades by our instructors. Toolkits include items such as checklist, tips and techniques, sample documents, forms, academic and government studies, and numerous other tools to help you use your new skills immediately.

Who Should Attend: Experienced managers who are ready to expand their prospective on management and leadership.  Bring your real-world problems and collaborate with your colleagues in a facilitated discussion and wrap up the week with an individual and organizational improvement plan.

Subjects Covered in this Workshop:

The Problem Solving & Decisions Making Toolkit

The principles of Problem-Solving & Decision-Making

Questions to ask about any problem to show you’re a world-class problem-solver

Defining Problem-Solving & Decision-Making success

Getting a handle on the problem

Seeing the boundaries

Finding the keys to the solution

What are your options?

How do you select the best option?

Learn how to use powerful tools for maximum impact–

How to become more persuasive

  • Innovative Idea Worksheet
  • Questions for your personal development

Tenacity Exercises

  • Practice what you have learned on real-life problems


Air Force Competencies Addressed / Proficiency Levels

Employing Military Capabilities

Operational and Strategic Art

Unit, AF, Joint, and Coalition Capabilities

Non-Adversarial Crisis Response

Enterprise Perspective

Enterprise Structure and Relationships

Government Organization and Processes (Proficient)

Global, Regional, and Cultural Awareness

Strategic Communication (Skilled)

Managing Organizations and Resources

Resource Stewardship (Proficient)

Change Management

Continuous Improvement (Skilled)

Strategic Thinking

Vision (Skilled)

Decision Making (Advanced)

Adaptability (Proficient)

Leading People

Develops and Inspires Others

Takes Care of People


Fostering Collaborative Relationships

Builds Teams and Coalitions (Proficient)

Negotiating (Skilled)

Embodies Airman Culture

Ethical Leadership


Warrior Ethos

Develops Self (Proficient)


Speaking and Writing (Proficient)

Active Listening (Skilled)

Additional Informationnasba_cperegistry_logo_color_transparent
CPE Credits:
CEU Credits: 2.8-1.7
Program Prerequisites: None
Advanced Preparation: None
NASBA Program Level: Basic
NASBA Field of Study: Personal Development
Delivery Method: Group Live – Classroom