Problem Solving and Decision Making

A 2 or 3 Day Hands-On Workshop

This workshop is designed to develop the analytical and critical thinking skills of key technical professionals who can apply those skills on critical organizational issues. Participants will learn how to identify, define and resolve issues; make decisions based on objective criteria; develop step-by-step plans to effectively implement decisions; and facilitate collaboration and teamwork in problem solving and decision making.

Subjects covered in this workshop—

2 Day Version

  • The Problem Solving & Decisions Making Toolkit
  • Effective Techniques for Collaboration during Team/Staff/Group Problem-Solving & Decision-Making
  • Questions to ask about any problem to show you’re a world-class problem-solver
  • Defining Problem-Solving & Decision-Making success
  • Getting a handle on the problem with effective problem analysis
  • Cause Analysis Techniques
  • Option Analysis using a variety of tools
  • Powerful Decision Making techniques to achieve maximum group ownership and follow-through
  • Learn how to use powerful tools for maximum impact

3 Day Version

Each of the above topics as well as:

  • Additional Hands-On Exercises
  • Explore Historical Decision Making Case Studies in class
  • Understand common decision making traps – and learn how to avoid them
  • Addressing People Problems – and tools to navigate through the process smoothly
  • Transitioning from the decision to implementation
  • Tenacity Exercises
  • Practice what you have learned on real-life problems