Problem Solving and Decision Making

A 2 or 3 Day Hands-On Workshop

The workshop is designed to develop the analytical and critical thinking skills of key technical professionals who can apply those skills to critical organizational issues. Participants will learn how to identify, define and resolve issues; make decisions based on objective criteria; develop step-by-step plans to effectively implement decisions; and facilitate teamwork in problem-solving and decision making. Experienced managers who are ready to expand their prospective on management and leadership. Bring your real-world problems and collaborate with your colleagues in a facilitated discussion and wrap up the week with an individual and organizational improvement plan.

Subjects covered in this workshop—

▪ Identify the principles of Problem Solving and Decision Making
▪ Assess whether the problem or decision belongs to you or your organization before diving in
▪ Gain knowledge of Problem Solving and Decision-Making tools and techniques
▪ Understand how to define Problem Solving and Decision-Making success
▪ Recognize potential threats and opportunities using a SWOT analysis
▪ How to sell the tough decision to the uncertain boss
▪ Identify Biases in Decision Making
▪ How to use powerful tools to select the best options
▪ Learn to Facilitate Change and Innovation once a decision has been made