Professional Communication Skill Development

A 2 Day Hands-On TMS Experience

As a professional government employee, you must produce and communicate information and ideas that influence decisions and drive action. This workshop shows you how to plan, organize and present your ideas powerfully and confidently when writing or speaking to produce better outcomes and relationships at less cost in time and effort. Gain impactful skills and employ proven tools and techniques to make your next communication with employees, peers, customers, and executive or senior leaders really showcase your strengths in speaking, listening, and writing. This workshop firmly focuses on the practical, specific how-to techniques of effective professional communication.


Learning Objectives & Topics Covered in this Workshop:

    •  Apply principles of LEAN communication to add value, brevity, and clarity to your message
    • Define your goal and message by listening, gathering data, and assessing the needs of your communication
    • Assess the communication needs of your intended audience to improve communication strategies and techniques
    • Write concise synopses and briefs that deliver the desired message
    • Apply successful principles of improvisational speech to improve written communication effectiveness
    • Organize and format information to direct the audience’s attention to your objectives
    • Apply effective planning and preparation techniques and tools
    • Understand how to use your data, analysis, and experiences to tell a compelling story
    • Apply a proven written communication assessment checklist
    • Analyze written communication for effective written communication characteristics
    • Organize your presentation for maximum success
    • Understand effective communication delivery techniques
    • Apply preparation, organizing, and communication delivery techniques
    • Understand when and how to use examples, stories, and analogies to improve written and verbal communication


Audience: This workshop is designed for government personnel.

Toolkits: Receive a Student Handbook or Textbook and Online Toolkit, containing tools such as checklist, tips, techniques, and numerous other tools to help you use your new skills immediately.

CPE Credits: 15.0

CEU Credits: 1.3

Suggested Program Prerequisites: None

Advanced Preparation: None

NASBA Program Level: Basic

NASBA Field of Study: Personal Development

Delivery Method: Group Live – Live Virtual Classroom