Creating Value, Vision and Vitality in Government Organizations

A 2, 3, 4 or 5 Day Hands-On Workshop

Everyone has asked themselves what it takes to be someone who is distinguished as clearly a leader. And now you can find the answer. This workshop shows you not only principles, but specific actions you can take to get results. You will learn the mindset and characteristics that set leaders apart from run-of-the-mill managers.

This workshop includes the latest thinking on the massive changes going on in government today…including Performance-Based Management, Reengineering; Strategic Sourcing; Acquisition Reform.

The Mindset of Leadership handbook you receive in this workshop is a powerful guide you will refer to for immediate results that your management and team will notice.

In this workshop you will learn —

  • Answer the question— “As an organization, who are we, what do we do, why do we exist?”
  • Assess your own organization’s mindset and learn How to shape it for positive results
  • Learn how to build trust, increase your influence and build effective teams within a government organization
  • List the skills, traits, and characteristics your organization needs to really perform
  • Assess how your people meet your needs and what you can do to make them more engaged, motivated and effective
  • List the skills and characteristics you bring to the organization
  • Build a Personal Development Blueprint, in class, to showcase your strengths
  • Develop the criteria—in class—to prioritize the training and development your people need to build the organization into something really effective
  • Learn collaborative problem solving techniques that work in a government work environment
  • Breaking Down Conflict – Understand how to prevent conflict, address it when it happens and move past it for a positive work environment
  • Learn the steps to take to make your vision happen (and why you would want to do that)