A Step-By-Step Guide To Understanding And Successfully
Implementing Performance Measurement In Government Organizations

A 2 Day Workshop For Government Personnel

Performance Measurement is a proven means to distinguish your organization. This workshop shows you how to quickly set solid, professional, meaningful metrics  . . . to be recognized as an organization that can be counted on to get results – consistently.

You will learn how to develop clear, specific and timely Performance Metrics to use in managing government contractors, to assure they deliver on-schedule, on-budget, and within specified quality parameters, and guarantee that their deliverables meet all government requirements.

This workshop teaches you how to use essential Performance Metrics in analyzing contractor performance, predicting potential problems and taking action to prevent problems before they occur. The focus is on the clear, practical how-to techniques of developing and using Performance Metrics in government organizations and on government contracts. You will gain powerful new skills to use now.

Learn How To Measure Your Organization’s Performance:

  • Learn how to identify and measure characteristics of your organization that tell you, your management and your customers how well you are delivering services and products for them
  • Learn which things you do are most important to your customer, and see how to develop metrics to measure success
  • At budget time, managers are always looking at which organization’s budgets to cut and who gets increased funding. Learn how to keep your value high to your customers and your management, so that when the budget is being determined, you are on the must-have side.

Topics included in this workshop—

  • Commercial industry
  • Federal government-wide
  • Local organizations
  • Success Factors
    • What’s Important?
    • Linking Mission, Strategic Plan, Business Plan and Performance Metrics
    • Mission Essential Tasks – Performance Criteria Matrix
    • Measurement Tools and Techniques
    • Evaluation Techniques
    • Assessment-what do the numbers tell us we should do?
    • Performance Risk Assessment
    • Customer Satisfaction
    • Benchmarking
  • Performance Indicators
  • What Are Performance Metrics?
  • Meaningful Measures
    • Providing Insight into Why the System Performs the Way it Does
    • What can we measure that will display trends over time?
    • Categories of Performance Metrics
    • Organizational Metrics
    • Employee Metrics
    • Quality of service or product requirements
  • Translating requirements into metrics
    • Contractor Metrics
  • Performance Measure Planning
    • Guide for Developing Performance Measures
    • Performance Planning Model
    • Setting Performance Standards and Goals
    • Cost vs. Quality: How to Balance
    • Effect on Personnel
  • Performance Measure Development
    • The Top 10 Measures
    • Performance Measures Format
    • Metrics Template
    • Metric Performance Index
    • Entrepreneurship and Metrics
  • Performance Management
    • Collecting Data
  • Data Collection Worksheet
    • Performance Measurement Activities
    • Metric/data analysis
    • Measures are a focus for action
    •  Balanced Mission Assessment
    • Monitoring Progress
  • Progress Reports
    • From Measure to Performance-How to Make the Connection
    • Formulating Strategies for Improvement
    • Assessing Future Impacts
    • Trade-Offs
  • Performance Management Tools And Techniques
    • Performance Gap Analysis Form
    • Controls
    • Reporting the Improvements
    • Doing the Important Things Better
    • Achieving and Sustaining Superior Performance